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A whole hour play and fun, all children may do itself according to own desires and ability in resounds moves, it gives rules and we orients itself at the needs and interests of the children. Further we want to prevent movement deficits with children, who motor basic skills (, crawl, swing, swings hop, go, catch, throw, balance,…) improve and social relations promote.

a holistic training concept is for attitude training. This system from extension and strengthening exercises became at the beginning 20. Century of Joseph Hubertus Pilates develops. Today's programs, which remain close at the original system, are called classical. Slight changes are based on current realizations of the sport medicine, physiology and bio mechanics.

Pilatestraining is based on a sequence of exercises, which are connected by flowing transitions and particularly address the musculature of the body center. It is a particularly gentle Fitnessmethode, which is suitable for women and men each age and each type of condition.

Classical Pilatestraining is characterised by a systematic hourly structure and informs the principle of the “neutral spinal column”.

• Effective training for the treatment of chronic illnesses
• joint-careful Wirbelsäulenmobilisation
• supervised complete body training based up
six classical principles
• gentle connection from respiration and movement
• Volume, long and joint-careful training
the depth musculature
• flowing execution of one
fixed exercise sequence

Classical Pilates - goals
• optimal adjustment of the spinal column
• improved mobility in the joints
• improved perseverance
• increased body consciousness
• Prevention against back pain
• efficient movements
• Pain freedom



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