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Sport is able - in a simple language, which all humans understand - to say:

• that it first of all always requires a large effort, in order to realize its goals,
• that one must learn secondly to respect and accept the own borders;
• that one must resist thirdly the temptation to give up for equal the first difficulties and problems;
• that fourth victory and defeat are components of our life that one must learn from to triumph without arrogance and humiliating the rival;
• that one must learn, to accept a defeat and that it does not concern an irreparable drama, the true victory consists of having given the best of its possibilities,
• that it concerns with each competition to respect the rules and agreements and to bring this respect against the sporty partner.

That is probably the fascinating side of the sport: that it can be a school for values. Not least the sport is an expression of the joy and the life, which are for religious humans a gift of God.

“The fitness wave, which was already introduced years ago and still it's boom has, is to be evaluated in its whole as extremely positive, since with it the positive effects of motor efficiency for quality of life and health and thus the movement and the sporty activity became societyable. Once besmiled runners on the road or cyclists in the area smile at today those, which spend their spare time passively in their at home. It is "in" to be fit and it belonged already nearly to the good etiquette to report after the weekend on its leisure activities.

The term fitness is far in principle, it concerns beside the sport fitness, also the working fitness, the leisure fitness as well as the workday fitness, it concerns apart from the adult age also the infancy, the youth age as well as the senior age and it includes beside the physical fitness also the mental (mental) fitness, so Dr. Günther memo designer by Institut for sport sciences at the University of Innsbruck, Austria.

The term fitness connected also

• actively
• business
• efficiently
• healthy
• vitally

The SPORTUNION Vienna-MARGARETEN offers a wide range of movement offers for all age stages, which bring you to your ideal fitness more near.



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