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SPORT in Margareten

The SPORTUNION VIENNA-MARGARETEN is member of the SPORTUNION Vienna. This is a non-profit sport roof federation with more than 200 associations and over 100.000 members. As union of all Viennese SPORTUNION associations, it is the task of the SPORTUNION Vienna, to bring the Viennese population to a healthy lifestyle by movement and sport.
The SPORTUNION Vienna is an association, which is led by an executive committee, the Landesleitung. This Landesleitung is selected every four years by a general meeting. Current president of the SPORT UNION Vienna is Mag. Werner Suppan.

We move humans
Under this slogan the SPORTUNION Vienna-Margareten offers for over 60 years a various portfolio of sports and community experiences in the association as well as sport-specific meetings to the population.
From the infant to the senior, from a riser to the professional. The SPORTUNION Vienna-Margareten offers the possibility to its members in one of the smallest districts of Vienna of becoming acquainted with professionalism and quality in connection with the joy in the movement. The SPORTUNION Vienna-Margareten lives and obtains values such as fairness, tolerance, team spirit and achievement. We take social responsibility by the fulfillment of our tasks and make a substantial contribution for the promotion of the spreading and new generation sport in the 5th Viennese district.

• Sport, play and joy in the movement
• Community experiences in the association
• Cultural variety and integration
• Value orientation
• Professionalism and quality
• Broad sporty offer



Sportunion Wien-Margareten  We move humans