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§ 1st - name and seat of the association
The association bears the name SPORTUNION Vienna -Margareten, has the seat in Vienna 5, Margareten and belongs the SPORTUNION Vienna on. It is a non-profit, non-partisan, not association calculating on profit.

§ 2nd - purpose of the association
The association aims at the physical-sporty manipulation of its members by care of all kinds of physical education under moral and cultural opinions and values of the Christianity and the Austrian people and customs; it exercises this activity non-partisan.

§ 3rd - means for the sporty manipulation and education
a) Maintains all physical education in all areas of doing gymnastics and the sport for all age groups;
b) Meetings of lectures, training courses, theatre performances and other suitable education means, establishment of a library, as well as publication of block letters technical or general art.

§ 4th - creation of the means
The necessary funds applied through:
a) the contributions which can be made from the members to,
b) possible incomes of sporty and other meetings (lotteries) etc.
c) Subsidies from public means,
d) Donations, legacies, as well as other allowances.

§ 5th - rights and obligations of the members
Member can become each natural person, who professes itself to a free and democratic Austria. The admission and the exclusion are done via the association line. The refusal and admission take place without indication from reasons.

The tidy members, over 18 years old, have the active and the passive right to vote, if they followed their material obligations, to participate and have the possibility in all meetings and mechanisms. The supporting members participate in the association meetings and can be selected as auxiliary workers for the fields of activity. Each member has to make the contribution decided by the association line. The members must be under social security.

§ 6th - association line
It consists their deputy, female or male sex of the chairman, specialist, youth specialist, secretary, takes, things-waited, culturalwaited and. The association line is resolutionable with presence of half of their members. The resolutions are seized by a simple majority of votes, with equality of votes decide the chairman. The executions carry the signature of the chairman and the secretary, in financial matters also the cashiers or the deputy authorized to sign. Outward the association is represented by the chairman and its deputies. The function period of the association line amounts to 2 years.

§ 7th - general meeting
The statutory general meeting takes place every 2 years. It is called up by the chairman, 4 weeks before under indication of the agenda. Participation and enfranchised are all tidy members over 18 years, which must have followed their material obligations. It is resolutionable with presence of a third of the tidy members. If the general meeting should not be resolutionable to the set hour, then the quorum enters a half hour later with presence of each number of voters. Requests for general meeting and applications for functions in the association line must be brought in up to 2 weeks before. The resolutions are seized by a simple majority of votes.

An extraordinary general meeting must be called up, if it requires half of the tidy members in writing under indication of the negotiation article.
Resolutions over amendments of the by-laws become the responsible national line of the Österr. Turn and sport union announced.

Into the field of duties of the general meeting fall:
a) Receipt of the reports on the activities
b) Permission of the statement of account
c) Discharge of the association line
d) New election of the association line
e) Honours
f) Adoption of resolutions over requests, as far as they are in time brought in by members.
g) Amendments of the by-laws, for which a 3/4 majority is necessary.

§ 8th - arbitral tribunal
Disputes from the association relationship are conciliation by an arbitral tribunal, into which each party sends two representatives, who select a chairman, or, if these a controversy party

is, the president of the national line sends an impartial chairman. The arbitral tribunal decides, without being bound at certain standards, after its best knowledge and certain and seizes its resolutions with simple majority.

§ 9th - beginning and end of the membership
The membership begins 5 qualifications specified with the statutory specified admission with consideration in §.

The membership ends:
a) by death
b) by withdrawal from the association
c) by exclusion
d) by dissolving the association

The withdrawal from the association is to be indicated to the association line by means of written letter. The contributions are up to expiring the membership, as far as they become due to carry out fully whereby prepaid contributions are not returned.
The exclusion of a member requires a 2/3 majority of the association line.

Reasons of exclusion are in particular:

a) Contravene against purpose and a goal and/or damage of the reputation or the interests of the association.
b) Endangerment of the unity of the association.
Impossible members have the right to appoint to the national arbitral tribunal that decides finally with a 2/3 majority.

§ 10th - data of the club members
Each member explains the agreement by the entry irrevocably that the personal data in particular surname, first name, occupation, address, date of birth, function within the association and within the sport union, sporty, organizational and technical training as well as sporty successes are seized, by means of electronic data-processing system in the association. The data can also with agreement of the association line of the Österr. Turn and sport union, national line Vienna to be passed on. With the entry each member gives his agreement to possible use of on sports fields and other meetings to the sport union made photo for purposes approved by the association line.

§ 11th - Dissolution
The voluntary dissolution of the association can be decided only in an extraordinary general meeting with a 3/4 majority of the tidy members, that must have followed in addition their material obligations. The entire mobile and immovable fortune is supplied after cover of possible commitments of a non-profit Austrian organization.




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