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The SPORTUNION Vienna-Margareten set itself to the goal of promoting and of receiving the sport in one of the smallest Viennese districts.
We maintain at present two sports facilities, in which at numerous times of day eagerly sport one operates.
Particularly for children, in addition, for adults we offer a large assortment at most diverse kinds of sport on up to the spinal column and condition gymnastic.
With comparatively few green areas in the 5th district of Vienna the SPORTUNION Vienna-Margareten in work of many years succeeded in offering and securing attractive sport offer on a long-term basis.
As one of few sport associations in the 5th district, which offer popular sport, we are at your disposal for your health and for your well-being.
We see ourselves as sports club in the 5th district not as a competitor to sports centers and people's highschools, but rather as addition with offers, which perhaps already went down regarding the fit eating rouble. Thus we offer a set of cheap sport offers, which besides also do not forget fun and personal needs.



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